NCCPL, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (non-profit organization) in 2020, but with a long history of informal collaboration, joins together library/information centers and individuals who serve psychology/counseling/mental health related communities. NCCPL strives to enhance the effectiveness of its members through education related to librarianship.



Before NCCPL incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the State of California, librarians in Northern and Central California gathered informally beginning in 1985, calling themselves, originally, the "Northern California Consortium of Psychology Libraries" (NCCPL) and then later "Northern and Central California Psychology Libraries" (NCCPL). Many of the libraries whose librarians gathered as NCCPL were really supporting counseling programs at their institutions, so in many ways "NCCPL" might also refer to "Northern California Counseling and Psychology Libraries". But folks from libraries in Nevada have also joined the group at various times, so...the group incorporated simply as "NCCPL", leaving the designation of the exact words represented by the acronym up to the individual contemplating the deeper identity of NCCPL, you might say.


Benefits of membership in NCCPL:



Any library/information center that serves the psychology, counseling, or mental health community or any individual interested in librarianship in those organizations is eligible for membership.



NCCPL Program Meetings are held online and in-person. Meetings are open to members and their invited guests.





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